Chapter 1

Tax Advantages-WHY buy alpacas?


We all have our own specific reasons for saving money.  You may want your dream home, or maybe, you  are saving for a comfortable retirement.   Regardless of the reason you save, it is safe to say that you want to  keep your fair share and only give Uncle Sam his fair portion.  The ideal way to maximize your income is to  maximize deductions and diversify your financial portfolio.  There are many available investment options,  but few offer as many advantages as alpacas.   There is no price on the joy of a new cria pronking in the evening, but  raising alpacas is also smart investment opportunity./span>

Alpacas as an investment are classified as active or passive  investments.  An active alpaca investment  is one enjoyed by the alpaca rancher.   The alpaca owner maintains the alpaca herd and facilities on a day to  day basis and enjoys a higher level of tax deductions than the passive  investor.  The passive alpaca investor  also benefits from tax advantages while transferring the daily management to someone  else. /span>

Alpacas offer an excellent investment opportunity while  offering the joy of living with these lovable creatures.  This is a lifestyle investment for the person  tired of life in the fast lane and the whims of Wall Street.  This is the perfect lifestyle choice for the  person wishing to find a simpler way to earn an honest dollar and return to a  peaceful life in the country./span>

What are the specific investment advantages of alpaca ownership?/span>